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Our Zoo

17.00 NIS

June MottersheadWhen George Mottershead moved to the village of Upton-by-Chester in 1930 to realise his dream of opening a zoo without bars, his four-year-old daughter June had no idea how...

The World of Snakes

20.00 NIS

Oxford Scientific FilmsText and photographs depict the lives of snakes in their natural settings, showing how they feed, defend themselves, and breed.First published February 1, 1990

For the Love of Benji

10.00 NIS

IF LoveFirst published January 1, 1977

A Plague of Frogs: The Horrifying True Story

29.00 NIS

William SouderIn the summer of 1995, a group of Minnesota children came upon a pond populated by frogs with nine legs, missing legs, a row of limbs fanning out from...

Tiger Tales: Ruby Level, Reading Alone

15.00 NIS

Sainsbury's Reading ScheneHunter or hunted? For how much longer will these magnificent beasts prowl the planet? These stories will touch your heart.Stunning photographs combine with lively illustrations and engaging, age-appropriate...

Beastly Tales (DK Readers Level 3)

15.00 NIS

Sainsbury's Reading ScheneIntroducing more complex sentence structures with increased vocabulary and an alphabetical glossary, these Level 3 readers present exciting stories for children to read alone. In Beastly Tales, young...

The Gorilla Who Wanted to Grow Up

13.00 NIS

Jill TomlinsonPongo is a young, mischievous African gorilla. He wants to grow up to be brave and clever like his dad. But it’s not until his sister, Whoopsie, is born...

The Hen Who Wouldn't Give Up

13.00 NIS

Jill TomlinsonHilda is a small, speckled hen. And when Hilda makes up her mind, nothing can stop her. Hilda’s auntie has just had a family of chicks, and she’s determined...

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark

13.00 NIS

Jill TomlinsonA heart-warming classic full of animal antics by Jill Tomlinson.Plop, the Baby Barn Owl, is like every Barn Owl there ever was, except for one thing – he is...

The Otter Who Wanted to Know

13.00 NIS

Jill TomlinsonPat is a little sea otter. She likes floating in the sea and asking lots and lots of questions. One day, Pat’s quiet life is turned upside down when...

Understanding Farm Animals

10.00 NIS

Ruth ThomasCaptioned illustrations and diagrams explain how farm animals behave and a chart to identify common breeds of farm animals is included.Published by E.D.C. Publishing 1978

Apes and Monkeys

19.00 NIS

Kingfisher Young KnowledgeApes and Monkeys is a fascinating introduction to our nearest animal relatives. Young readers will enjoy meeting chattering chimps and curious colobus monkeys, as well as learning about...
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