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The Snail House

27.00 NIS

Richard Eyre Sir Neil Marriot had a "good pandemic," becoming familiar to millions from his TV appearances as a government medical advisor. His service even earned him a knighthood, and...

Summer and Fables

18.00 NIS

Edward BondPublisher ‏ : ‎ Heinemann (May 27, 1988)Paperback ‏ : ‎ 112 pages


9.00 NIS

William ShakespeareThe Classic Graphic Novel Collection is a revolutionary new series of graphic novels which re-tells classic literature for learners of English. Graded at the intermediate level, the fresh blend...

The Misanthrope / Tartuffe

19.00 NIS

MoliereCritics have heralded Richard Wilbur's translations of Molière's seventeenth-century dramas as masterpieces. In brilliant rhymed couplets Wilbur renders into English not only the form and spirit of Molière's language but...

What Happens in Hamlet

16.00 NIS

John Dover WilsonJohn Dover Wilson's What Happens in Hamlet is a classic of Shakespeare criticism. First published in 1935, it is still being read throughout the English-speaking world and has...

Three Plays: Desire Under The Elms; Strange Interlude;

23.00 NIS

Eugene O'NeillThree Plays: Desire Under The Elms; Strange Interlude; Mourning Becomes ElectraThese three plays exemplify Eugene O'Neil's ability to explore the limits of the human predicament, even as he sounds...

The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail

12.00 NIS

Jerome Lawrence and Robert E LeeA reissue of a now classic American drama.If the law is of such a nature that it requires you to be an agent of injustice...

Andromache / Britannicus / Berenice

12.00 NIS

Jean RacineThe three works in this volume established Racine as a playwright who enjoyed high favour both with the public and at the court of Louis XIV and presented a...

Iphigenia / Phaedra / Athaliah

12.00 NIS

Jean RacineDepicts a princess' absolute submission to her father's will. This title shows a woman's struggle to overcome her overwhelming passion for her stepson - an obsession that brings destruction...

A Doll's House and Other Plays

13.00 NIS

Henrik IsbenDelivering three distinct and powerful visions of characters who choose to defy convention in the pursuit of happiness, Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House and Other Plays is translated with...

The Ugly Duckling (Puppet Play)

10.00 NIS

Moira ButterfieldProvides instructions for making spoon puppets, props, and a theater along with an easy-to-follow script based on the Hans Christian Andersen story

The Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit

22.00 NIS

Bella MerlinThe Complete Stanislavsky ToolkitA hands on, step-by-step guide to Stanislavsky's famous "System" illustrating, with exercises, each of his famous acting techniques. The book is organized into three sections -...
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