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Gods In Everyman: A New Psychology of Men's Lives & Loves

24.00 NIS

Jean Shinoda Bolen, MDBolen (psychiatry, U. of California) traces the inner patterns or archetypes that shape men's personalities, careers, and personal relationships. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Published March 28th...

Tales of Troy and Greece

27.00 NIS

Andrew LangTales of Troy and Greece by Andrew Lang. Andrew Lang draws on his classical learning to recount the Homeric legend of the wars between the Greeks and the Trojans....

The Oracle of Delphi

24.00 NIS

Elizabeth RosePerseus, the demi-god son of Zeus, races against time to capture the dangerous prize that will save his mother's life. But when the feisty Princess Andromeda uses her wits...

Knock Knock: A white-knuckle read (Ewert Grens #9)

29.00 NIS

Anders Roslund**THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER**Set over three explosive days, this is compulsive, heart-pounding storytelling that will keep you on the edge of your seat.He thought she was safe. Then the past...

Iphigenia / Phaedra / Athaliah

12.00 NIS

Jean RacineDepicts a princess' absolute submission to her father's will. This title shows a woman's struggle to overcome her overwhelming passion for her stepson - an obsession that brings destruction...

A Doll's House and Other Plays

13.00 NIS

Henrik IsbenDelivering three distinct and powerful visions of characters who choose to defy convention in the pursuit of happiness, Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House and Other Plays is translated with...

The Journey to the West #1

27.00 NIS

Translated and Edited by Anthony C Yu Anthony C. Yu’s translation of The Journey to the West ,initially published in 1983, introduced English-speaking audiences to the classic Chinese novel in...

The Palace Of Illusions

23.00 NIS

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni The Palace of Illusions takes us back to a time that is half-history, half-myth, and wholly magical; narrated by Panchaali, the wife of the five Pandava brothers, we...
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13.00 NIS

OvidMary Innes's classic prose translation of one of the supreme masterpieces of Latin literature, Ovid's Metamorphosis.Ovid drew on Greek mythology, Latin folklore and legend from ever further afield to create...
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Lysistrata / The Acharnians / The Clouds

12.00 NIS

AristophanesAristophanes (c.447-385 B.C.), a contemporary of Socrates, was the last and greatest of the Old Attic comedians.Only eleven of his plays survive, and this volume contains Lysistrata, the hilariously bawdy...
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The Theban Plays (The Theban Plays #1–3)

13.00 NIS

Sophocles‘O Light! May I never look on you again,Revealed as I am, sinful in my begetting,Sinful in marriage, sinful in shedding of blood!’The legends surrounding the royal house of Thebes...
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A is for Alibi (Kinsey Millhone #1)

18.00 NIS

Sue GraftonA IS FOR AVENGER. A tough-talking former cop, private investigator Kinsey Millhone has set up a modest detective agency in a quiet corner of Santa Teresa, California. She's a...
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