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Nightmare on Planet X (Deadtime Stories #11)

10.00 NIS

AG CasconeWhen the plane Nicky and his family are flying starts to crash, Nicky is relieved to be rescued until he discovers he has been captured by aliens who want...

Torn (Trylle #2)

17.00 NIS

Amanda HockingWhen Wendy Everly first discovers the truth about herself—that she’s a changeling switched at birth—she knows her life will never be the same. Now she’s about to learn that...

Epos The Flame Bird (Beast Quest #6)

10.00 NIS

Adam BladeAn evil wizard is using Avantia's magical Beasts to destroy the land. Epos the Flame Bird is said to be the most terrifying of the Beasts - can Tom...

Zepha the Monster Squid (Beast Quest #7)

12.00 NIS

Adam BladeThe Evil Wizard Malvel has stolen the magical suit of golden armour and scattered it throughout Avantia. Tom vows to find the pieces - but they are guarded by...

Claw the Giant Monkey (Beast Quest #8)

12.00 NIS

Adam BladeAvantia is under threat from an evil wizard. To save the kingdom, Tom must defeat six terrifying Beasts and collect the pieces of magical golden armour. Join Tom as...

Soltra the Stone Charmer (Beast Quest #9)

12.00 NIS

Adam BladeSix fearsome beasts have been cast under an evil spell by the Dark Wizard Malvel, and are destroying the kingdom of Avantia. Our hero Tom and his friend Elenna...

Vipero The Snake Man (Beast Quest #10)

12.00 NIS

Adam BladeThe evil wizard Malvel has stolen the golden armour and a fearsome new Beast guards each piece of it. To defeat Malvel and save the kingdom, Tom needs to...

Arachnid The King Of Spiders (Beast Quest #11)

15.00 NIS

Adam BladeIn the caves of Avantia lurks Arachnid the King of Spiders. Massive and terrifying, Arachnid preys on the local townspeople and guards a piece of the magical golden armour....

Torgor The Minotaur (Beast Quest #13)

15.00 NIS

Adam BladeThe good Beasts of Avantia are in danger. They have been captured by six terrible new Beasts and taken to Gorgonia, the kingdom of evil wizard Malvel. To free...

Skor the Winged Stallion (Beast Quest #14)

15.00 NIS

Adam BladeThe Dark Wizard has sent six fearsome Beasts to capture the good Beasts of Avantia.They are imprisoned in the Dark Realm, and it is Toms quest to save them....

Narga the Sea Monster (Beast Quest #15)

12.00 NIS

Adam BladeIn the perilous Black Ocean lurks Narga the Sea Monster. As well as preying on the rebels fighting evil wizard Malvel, Narga is holding one of the good Beasts...

Kaymon The Gorgon Hound (Beast Quest #16)

15.00 NIS

Adam BladeIn a ruined castle in the Dark Realm prowls Kaymon the Gorgon Hound. Kaymon is one of six fearsome Beasts unleashed by the wicked wizard, Malvel, to capture the...
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