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On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal

23.00 NIS

Naomi KleinThe fight for a green world is the fight of our lives. And with On Fire, Naomi Klein gives us the ammunition to do it.In frank, personal terms, she...

Understanding Cloning (Science Made Accessible)

26.00 NIS

Scientific AmericanDrawn from the pages of Scientific American and collected here for the first time, this work contains updated and condensed information, made accessible to a general popular science audience,...

Moment in the Sun

21.00 NIS

A Dial Report on the Deteriorating Quality of the American EnvironmentRobert Reinow and Leona Train Rienow

Resource Wars: The New Landscape of Global Conflict

19.00 NIS

Michael T KlareFrom the oilfields of Saudi Arabia to the Nile delta, from the shipping lanes of the South China Sea to the pipelines of Central Asia, Resource Wars looks...

Planet Earth

123.00 NIS

Robert Hughes(introduction), Stefan Dech(Foreword), Robert Meisner(Foreword) Once we used to watch space from Earth. Now we can watch the Earth from space. It is half a century since the first...

Water: A Natural History

19.00 NIS

Alice OutwaterAn environmental engineer turned ecology writer relates the history of our waterways and her own growing understanding of what needs to be done to save this essential natural resource.Water:...

The Swan Book

19.00 NIS

Alexis WrightThe Swan Book is set in the future, with Aboriginals still living under the Intervention in the north, in an environment fundamentally altered by climate change. It follows the...

Storm Warning: Gambling With the Climate of Our Planet

32.00 NIS

Lydia DottoThe Ice Storm of 1998. The flooding of Manitoba of 1997. Wherever you live, it's likely you've experienced some extreme weather lately. A recent report from the Red Cross...

50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth

9.00 NIS

The world's a better place with EarthWorks Group's John Javna in it. He, along with his daughter, Sophie, help kids go from aware to active with simple (but inspiring) projects,...

Low Carbon Diet: A 30 Day Program to Lose 5000 Pounds

28.00 NIS

"Low Carbon Diet: A 30 Day Program to Lose 5000 Pounds" is a book that is destines to become a movement. Arriving just in time to meet the groundswell of...

Vanishing Borders: Protecting the Planet in the Age of Globalization

23.00 NIS

Hilary French A look at the profound implications of accelerating globalization for our planet's health, and a prescription for the action necessary to cope with this challenge. Our world is...
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