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Animals (Stop Look & Learn)

9.00 NIS

Stop Look and Learn"The Stop, Look and Learn Line of early learning board books was created to educate and entertain your child. We encourage you to participate with your child...

The Polka Palace Party: An Adventure in Teamwork

9.00 NIS

Nick Jr: The BackyardigansJoin the Backyardigans in this exciting new adventure! Cowboys Tyrone, Pablo, and Austin, along with Cowgirl Uniqua, are on their way to the Polka Palace Party in...

Jazz Baby

16.00 NIS

Lisa Wheeler and R Gregory ChristieWith a simple clap of hands, an itty-bitty beboppin' baby gets his whole family singing and dancing. Sister's hands snap. Granny sings scat. Uncle soft-shoes--and...

The World of Snakes

20.00 NIS

Oxford Scientific FilmsText and photographs depict the lives of snakes in their natural settings, showing how they feed, defend themselves, and breed.First published February 1, 1990

How the Mouse Got Brown Teeth: A Cree Story

10.00 NIS

Translated and Edited by Freda AhenakewA traditional Cree Indian story about how a mouse burned its teeth when it tried to free the sun from a snare.Published January 1, 1996


13.00 NIS

Diana NoonanYour skeleton is the hard framework of bone that supports your body. This book tells you about all your important bones, how the move and how they grow.Published September...

Montezuma and the Aztecs

13.00 NIS

Traces the life of the emperor who ruled the Aztec empire in Central America from 1503 to 1520 and discusses the history and culture of the Aztec civilization.Published 1985 by...

Understanding Farm Animals

10.00 NIS

Ruth ThomasCaptioned illustrations and diagrams explain how farm animals behave and a chart to identify common breeds of farm animals is included.Published by E.D.C. Publishing 1978

Star Wars: Luke Skywalker's Amazing Story

12.00 NIS

Simon Beecroft With these new classic Star Wars(r) Readers, children learn about the fantastic Jedi Knights, rogue Rebels, heroic allies, and evil Sith Lords that are loved by several generations.From...

Teddy Bears

23.00 NIS

Philippa and Peter WaringTo millions of people around the world the Teddy Bear is far more than a cute soft toy. Bears given to people in childhood often stay with...

A Hug of Teddy Bears

23.00 NIS

Peter BullThe Herbert Press Limited

The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet!

15.00 NIS

Tom Fletcher and Dougie PoynterDanny and his dinosaur have an out of this world adventure that's a total blastDanny and Dinosaur are back, and this time they are going to...
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