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19.00 NIS

Danielle SteelWhen a beautiful young Frenchwoman and a brilliant American actor meet in wartime Paris, their love begins like a fairy tale but ends in tragedy. Suddenly orphaned, their three...

The Award

19.00 NIS

Danielle SteelCapturing historical events, terrifying moments of danger, tragedy, the price of war, and the invincible spirit of a woman of honor, The Award is a monumental tale from one...

First Sight

12.00 NIS

Danielle SteelNEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERParis, L.A., and the world of ready to wear fashion provide rich backdrops for Danielle Steel’s deeply involving story of a gifted designer whose talent and...

One Day at a Time

14.00 NIS

Danielle SteelDanielle Steel celebrates families of every stripe in her compelling novel—a tale of three very different couples who struggle and survive, love, laugh, and learn to take life ....

Big Girl

23.00 NIS

Danielle SteelTwo sisters, two very different lives...Victoria - a chubby little girl with blond hair, blue eyes and ordinary looks - has spent her whole life being second best to...


12.00 NIS

Danielle SteelAs a partner at one of New York's most prestigious law firms, Alexandra Parker barely manages to juggle husband, career, and the three-year-old child she gave birth to at...


23.00 NIS

Danielle SteelIt is New Year’s Eve when the storm of the century hits northern California. In a quiet neighborhood in San Francisco, amid the chaos of fallen trees and damaged...

Johnny Angel

24.00 NIS

Danielle SteelIn her fifty-eighth bestselling novel, Danielle Steel tells the breathtaking story of a mother’s love and a son’s gift, of the tragedy that nearly destroyed a family...and the miracle...

Accidental Heroes

18.00 NIS

Danielle SteelOn a beautiful May morning at New York’s JFK Airport, a routine plane departs for San Francisco. Security agent Bernice Adams finds a postcard of the Golden Gate Bridge...


19.00 NIS

Danielle SteelTop TV anchorwoman Melanie Adams had given up on love after a failed marriage and an unhappy affair. With her two twin teenage children and her television news career,...


21.00 NIS

Danielle SteelWhen Liane crossed the Atlantic the future seemed bright and beautiful. Only the image of a face haunted her new life in France.Then the war sent her on a...

Beauchamp Hall

19.00 NIS

Danielle Steel#1 New York Times bestselling author Danielle Steel tells the uplifting story of an ordinary woman embracing an extraordinary adventure, and the daring choice that transforms her world.Winona Farmington...
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