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Spy School (Spy School #1)

16.00 NIS

Stuart Gibbs“Combines Alex Rider’s espionage skills with a huge dose of the sarcasm of Artemis Fowl.” —School Library JournalCan an undercover nerd become a superstar agent? In the first book...

The Orphan of the Flames (Secret Breakers #2)

17.00 NIS

HL DennisThe Da Vinci Code for kids—an extraordinary six-book series with real codes, real mysteries, and real danger. The team of code-crackers face a new code that has never been...

The Case of the Bashful Bank Robber (McGurk Mystery #10)

9.00 NIS

EW HildickAn imaginatively funny account of the McGurk detectives as they devise an ingenious plan to catch a bashful bank robber who is threatening the banks of their communityFirst published...

Night Break (Young Sherlock Holmes #8)

17.00 NIS

Andrew Lane Sherlock's mother has died, his father has disappeared in India and his sister is acting strangely. The Holmes family seems to be falling apart, and not even brother...

Stone Cold (Young Sherlock Holmes #7)

17.00 NIS

Andrew Lane Sherlock Holmes is sent to live in Oxford and focus on his education. But in university pathology labs, body parts stolen from corpses are posted to a London...

Young Sherlock Holmes 5: Snake Bite (Young Sherlock Holmes #5)

17.00 NIS

Andrew Lane A brutal kidnapping. A shadowy pursuer. An impossible murder. 320 pages Published June 19th 2014 by Macmillan Children's Books (first published September 1st 2012)

Black Ice (Young Sherlock Holmes #3)

17.00 NIS

Andrew Lane A third case for teen Sherlock involves a heinous crime . . . and a brother with blood on his handsWhen Sherlock and Amyus Crowe, his American tutor,...

Fire Storm (Young Sherlock Holmes #4)

17.00 NIS

Andrew LaneSherlock 14 finds the house empty, his tutor Crowe and daughter Ginny vanished. When a clue points to Scotland, he brings along pal Matty. Villain Bryce Scobel follows, hunts...

P.K. Pinkerton and the Pistol-Packing Widows (The P.K. Pinkerton Mysteries #3)

16.00 NIS

Caroline LawrenceWinning hearts and rave reviews, master-of-disguise P.K. Pinkerton returns to the Wild West in the best adventure yet!P.K. Pinkerton’s detective agency is thriving in Virginia City—until the evening P.K....

The Mystery of the Secret Room (Adventure Island #13)

16.00 NIS

Helen MossWhen Boomerang the cat discovers a hidden roon, Scott, Jack, Emily and Drift the dog are on hand to investigate. An enormous treasure chest inside the room holds clues...

The Mystery of the Phantom Lights (Adventure Island #14)

16.00 NIS

Helen MossWhile camping on the moors, Jack sees mysterious lights floating over the heath in the middle of the night. Everyone has their own idea of what the lights might...

Circle of Fire (Secret Breakers #6)

17.00 NIS

HL DennisThe time for answers has arrived. After the death of a much loved friend, Team Veritas has even more to fight for. At the University of Yale, in the...
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