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28.00 NIS

Julia Monzanares and Derek Kent For the first time, a young victim from Thailand's profilif sex-tourist industry speaks out.Lon's story is a best seller in Thailand and the best selling...

F. Scott Fitzgerald

23.00 NIS

Arthur Mizener Traces the life of Fitzgerald and examines the development of his career as a writer June 1, 1987 by Thames & Hudson

Ernest Hemingway

23.00 NIS

Anthony Burgess Hemingway's great achievement was to free the novel from all the languid decoration and cozy indirectness that was its early twentieth-century inheritance. His terse prose taught the writer...

Anne Frank Remembered

28.00 NIS

Miep Gies The reminiscences of Miep Gies, the woman who hid the Frank family in Amsterdam during the Second World War, presents a vivid story of life under Nazi occupation....

Sanest Guy in the Room

29.00 NIS

Don Black THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER'. . . a compelling memoir. Breezy and unpretentious, The Sanest Guy in the Room is a delightful collection of memories, insider information and after-dinner...


24.00 NIS

Nicholas Gage "A devoted and brilliant achievement." The New York Review of BooksIn 1948, as civil war ravaged Greece, children were abducted and sent to communist "camps" behind the Iron...

The Journey of Rabbi and Rachel Abramowitz

28.00 NIS

Mona Mandel Abramowitz Rabbi Mayer and Rachel Abramowitz are beloved fixtures on the Miami scene. They have that special when you meet you immediately respect them and consider them close...

Street People

28.00 NIS

Helga Dudman January 1, 1982 by Hippocrene Books

Henry VII (English Monarchs)

26.00 NIS

SB Chrimes Founder of the Tudor dynasty, Henry VII was a crucial figure in English history. In this acclaimed study of the king's life and reign, the distinguished historian S....

Liz: An Intimate Biography of Elizabeth Taylor

23.00 NIS

C David Heymann A long-awaited, unauthorized biography by the author of A Woman Named Jackie draws on more than a thousand interviews to provide a candid, provocative study of Taylor's...

Virginia Woolf

29.00 NIS

James King This biography explores the relationship between the life and work of Virginia Woolf. The material of her life - her mother's premature death, the sexual abuse by her...

Stuart: A Life Backwards

25.00 NIS

Alexander Masters In this extraordinary book, Alexander Masters has created a moving portrait of a troubled man, an unlikely friendship, and a desperate world few ever see. A gripping who-done-it...
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