The Silence

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Lily Gluck Lerner

Optimism deserted Lily Gluck thirty-six years ago in Aushwitz. She was then a sixteen-year-old Hungarian Jew, caught up in the horror we know now as the Holocaust.

Her childhood had been serene. She'd lived in a mountaintop village where her family had been winemakers for generations.

The serenity vanished when, almost without warning, she was taken to the most awesome abattoir in the history of humankind. It was a killing factory, pure and simple. And its victims were human beings, destroyed by scientific plan not for what they had done or thought or said or even for what they believed - but rather for the reason that they had been born into the Jewish faith.

Through a certain amount of bravery, a serving of boldness and a large measure of luck, Lily survived. Although she had given up all belief in miracles while imprisoned in the Auschwitz barracks, her survival was indeed something of a miracle and a most inspiring testament to hope.

Not very many years in the future, there will no longer be living survivors of the Holocaust. For those comparative few who did survive are now dying of accident, disease and old age.

Among some survivors there is a compulsion to keep private all memories, Lily Lerner had a contrary instinct. She felt an oblication to keep alive the memory of her loved ones who had perished.

The Silence is a story of some who lived through Hitler's attempted destruction of the Jews and of many who didn't. Many come alive twice: in the compelling text and again in the photographs taken so long ago when the world was young and we were all so innocent.

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