Golan!: A novel about Israel's next war

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Edward (Eliyahu Truitt)

What if the worst DID happen? Imagine the Yom Kippur War with a nuclear twist. Jihadist armies bent on destroying Israel attack during the 8-day Jewish holiday of Sukkot. Iran explodes nuclear missiles at the edge of space high above Israel. The resulting electromagnetic pulse (EMP) immediately blacks out all electrical power, disables every unprotected microchip and logic circuit; and catapaults most of the Middle East back to the pre-electronics age. The combined armies of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt - along with private militias and armed looters - attack immediately, having sheltered most of their equipment in EMP-proof bunkers. Israel is poorly prepared for the onslaught, having seriously underestimated the EMP threat, and pays a steep price in the first desperate days of the Sukkot War. Israel's soldiers, citizens and reservists dig in and fight back with courage, resourcefulness, creativity and chutzpah. But, the question on every Israeli's mind, from the ultra-orthodox to the most secular is: "Could this be THE BIG ONE? The Armageddon promised at the end of days?" "I wish I knew," sighs Rabbi Beniyahu, regarded by all but himself as the sage of the Golan, "the only way to know the answer is to watch and see what happens to Jerusalem. What will we Jews do with our precious Jerusalem this time?"

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