Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT

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Many people consider the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) a modern miracle. These easy-to-do processes are revolutionizing the field of psychology. By simply tapping on stress-relief points on the body, you can use these techniques to clear stuck emotions and self-defeating patterns, producing profound breakthroughs. It's usually fast and amazingly effective. Also, learn about other dynamic healing tools that enhance EFT, such as muscle-testing and the Getting Thru Techniques. The Getting Thru Techniques elegantly help you find core issues more directly. In this easy-to-read book, learn in detail how EFT and the dynamic Getting Thru Techniques(GTT) can help you to: * Eliminate fears, including creative and career blocks * Heal pain and physical challenges * Stop addictive cravings like smoking and unwanted habits * Overcome insomnia * Change limiting beliefs to empowering resources * Reach your ideal weight * Increase physical activity and performance * Achieve genuine freedom and fulfill your deeper purpose * Resolve relationship issues and much more This essential self-help resource can help you to create more joy, love, and freedom in your life. You will refer to it again and again. The Mountroses also have other high-quality, complementary material: * Two professionally produced DVDs/videotapes on these techniques, entitled "Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT." One DVD/video focuses on EFT and muscle testing and the second work focuses on the Getting Thru Techniques (GTT), which help you discover core issues and greatly facilitate the healing process. * A 2-CD set on "Getting Thru to Your Emotions with EFT" that describes EFT as well as the deepening "Getting Thru Techniques," which makes this audio great for working through personal issues and self healing. * The Mountroses also developed another energetic healing technique as powerful as EFT, called SPIRITUAL KINESIOLOGY. They described it in their groundbreaking "Getting Thru to Your Soul" book, CDs, and DVDs/videotapes. * To make EFT even easier and more effective, the Mountroses have written a follow up and companion volume to this book, entitled "The Heart & Soul of EFT and Beyond: A Soulful Exploration of the Emotional Freedom Techniques and Holistic Healing." In this easy-to-read book, the Mountroses share many invaluable tips and tools, as well as adding updated information on EFT, new discoveries, and powerful, complementary holistic techniques. The book also includes a 50-page section of insights from 11 EFT experts, who are leaders in this emerging field of energy healing.

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