From Out of the Blue: The Incredible UFO Cover-up at Bentwaters Air Fo

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Jenny Randles

s/t: The Incredible UFO Cover-up at Bentwaters MATO Air Base
The UFO case portrayed on tv's "Unsolved Mysteries"
Over a period of a week between Xmas & New Year's l980, USA & UK NATO forces as well as police & civilians were involved in a mystery the likes of which is unparalleled. A weird craft landed in Rendlesham Forest, aliens were seen in a beam of light beneath the ship, a commanding officer of the US Forces communicated with the beings, photos & films were made, high radiation levels were obtained, trees were damaged & the lives of many of those involved were shattered. This case included hints of Star Wars technology, mind control, harassment of military witnesses, the silencing of a US Senator & a variety of paranormal aspects, which place this in a league all of it's own. AKA the Bentwaters Case, it's one of the most documented but controversial in the history of UFOlogy. It's the case where joint USA/UK NATO personel were involved in an encounter with an off-the-earth craft. It's told in a dramatic & exciting manner that only Jenny Randles can do.

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