Encyclopedia of Sharks (Mini-Encylopedia)

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Anna Claybourne
Mini Encyclopedia Sharks is the mini book crammed with masses of knowledge about these underwater predators. This amazing encyclopedia for kids is small enough to slot into school bags, making this a fantastic resource for school projects and homework at late elementary and middle school levels.
# Filled with interesting bulleted facts including information about shark species
# Colour-coded sections help children distinguish between different shark species and their characteristics
# Brilliantly detailed artwork by top illustrators brings sharks to life on the page for children
The ultimate shark book for kids, Mini Encyclopedia Sharks is a compact, comprehensive children's encyclopedia that uses clear, bulleted facts and incredible info panels to explain everything from a shark's life in the water to different shark families. Every topic is supported by photographs, realistic artwork and detailed diagrams, and colour-coded sections make navigation through the topics easy and quick.
Chapters and topic examples of Mini Encyclopedia Sharks:
# Life in the water: Swimming skills, Food and feeding, Meeting and mating, and Friends and enemies
# Shark families: Types of shark, Frilled shark, Sixgill and sevengill sharks, and Prickly and bramble sharks
# Dogfish sharks: Mandarin dogfish, Lanternsharks, Greenland shark and Cookie-cutter sharks
# Angelsharks: Types of angelshark
# Sawsharks: Longnose sawshark
# Bullhead sharks: Horn shark and Port Jackson shark
# Carpet sharks: Blind sharks, Bamboo sharks, Zebra shark, and Whale shark
# Mackerel sharks: Goblin shark, Sand tiger shark, Crocodile shark, and Great white shark
# Ground sharks: Catsharks, Houndsharks, Leopard shark, and Weasel # Requiem sharks: Grey reef shark, Bull shark, Tiger shark, and Lemon shark
# Hammerhead sharks: Winghead shark, Bonnethead shark, Scalloped hammerhead, and Great hammerhead
# Shark relatives: Manta rays, Stingrays, Skates, and Chimaeras# Sharks and people: Living with sharks, Attacks, Survival Stories, and Sharks in captivity
# Shark science: Studying sharks, Shark fossils, Endangered species, and Saving sharks
Amazing facts for kids to learn include:
# Many sharks visit 'cleaning stations' where small fish and shrimps remove dead skin and parasites from their bodies - even from inside their mouth or gills.
# Whales sharks are thought to be able to give birth to up to 300 pups at a time.
# After scientists found out how shark denticles reduced drag, a swimming costume company designed a swimsuit that worked in the same way.
Series: Mini Encyclopedias
Author: Barbara Taylor
Pages: 384
Age: 8+?
Dimensions: 5 X 6.5
Format: Paperback with graining, curved corners, neon ink
ISBN: 9781782097914
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