Chasing Evil (The Chronicles of Avantia

Chasing Evil (The Chronicles of Avantia #2)

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Paperback or Hardcover

Adam Blade

Tanner, Gwen, and Castor are more determined to succeed on their quest to defeat Derthsin's evil army than ever before. In order to save Avantia they must retrieve four parts of an ancient mask, which grants power over all of the Beasts of the land.

After narrowly escaping a deadly battle with General Gor, the leader of Derthsin's dark forces, Tanner, Gwen, and Castor must regroup. How can they hope to stop Gor, when they are constantly fighting with each other? The General has secured the first and second pieces of the mask and is already searching for the third. The friends have their Beasts but will that be enough, especially when they come across a village turned mad with fear and a magical stranger with great powers?

176 pages, Paperback Published April 1, 2013 by Scholastic Paperbacks (First published October 1, 2010)