A Heart to Know Me: Selected Writings on the Heart as the Key to Divin

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Eliezer Yehudah Miller

n the past fifty years, Jewish communities around the world have grown and flourished, and there have been great strides in so many aspects of Torah and mitzvah observance. Yet our Jewish communities, with all the great miracles and chassadim that Hashem does, are witnessing much suffering and tragedies - illness, accidents, tragic deaths. What more does Hashem want from us? How can we strengthen our avodas Hashem and safeguard ourselves and our homes?

From the writings of the great Torah luminaries of previous generations we learn what is the primary foundation of a Jew's service of Hashem: to serve Hashem from the heart. Knowing Hashem with our minds is not enough - we must bring our knowledge into our hearts.

Drawing from a broad spectrum of sources, including Rishonim and Acharonim, sifrei Chassidus and Mussar, and seasoned with stories and parables, A Heart to Know Me contains meaningful and relevant ideas that will transform our avodas Hashem and bring G-d closer to our hearts.

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